The STIRN: ‘Foundation for International Rallies Nederland’ is a platform, wherein Dutch camping clubs, members of the International Federation of Camping and Caravanning F.I.C.C. work together in an international context.

The Foundation was established in 2002 by:  

NTKC: Nederlandse Toeristen Kampeerclub, founded 1912

NCC: Nederlandse Caravan Club, founded 1957

NKC: Nederlandse Kampeerauto Club, founded 1976

RCN: Rally Club Nederland, founded 1989.

The logo
The Logo shows the Dutch flag, draped over the globe.
In the circle around are the names of the clubs involved, united by shaking hands.

In the flag images of a tent, a caravan and a motorhome.

The ultimate aim of the STIRN is to promote and stimulate good contacts between campers from all over the world.  

The STIRN achieves these purposes by:

  • Participation in international camper rallies abroad as (members of) our clubs under the joint banner of the Netherlands.

  • Representing the Dutch interests – in close consultation with the affiliated clubs – in international camping organizations as the F.I.C.C. and the Europa Rallye Committee.
  • Working together as Dutch clubs in the organization of international camping events in the Netherlands.
  • Publishing information on international rallies worldwide on the website


The STIRN consists at this moment of 2 Dutch clubs: NTKC and RCN.

Co-founders NKC and NCC have – for reasons of focussing on other than international activities – retracted as participants.

The board is composed as follows:

Tjabel Nieuwenhuizen, Chairman

Kees Splint, Treasurer

Diny de Jong, Secretary

Tjabel Nieuwenhuizen represents the NTKC and Diny de Jong the RCN.

Kees Splint is the president of the Europa Rally Committee and represents this international camping organization.

Jan Torenvlied is a honorary member of the F.I.C.C.-Council and supports the board as an advisor.


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